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Full set

Full Set

Synthetic silk/faux mink: $210
Real mink fur: $310

120 minute appointment

All healthy lashes will have extensions for the prettiest eyes you’ve ever had!

Synthetic – 1:1 ratio, similar to look of “separating” mascara

Real Mink Fur – multiple fine strands per lash, resulting in fluffy, light weight, intense volume

Light set

Light Set

Synthetic silk/faux mink: $150
Real mink fur: $210

90 minute appointment

A “lighter” version of the full set. Lash extensions on most of your lashes (75%) equally distributed across your lash line. This is a good way to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of eyelash extensions.

Lash fill

Lash Fills

Synthetic silk/faux mink: $1.00 per lash
Real Mink Fur: $1.50 per lash

60 minute appointment

Extension removal

Extension Removal


60 minute appointment

Brow shaping

Brow Shaping


30 minute appointment

Using a tweezers, I will clear out all of the strays to keep your brows well groomed. I can also enhance the natural contour of your brow, adjust the arch, or overall shape of brows.



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    Prefer to contact me directly? Feel free to call, text or email me anytime.
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