Are your salon and stylist properly licensed for lash extensions?

Minnesota requires a specialty license to perform eyelash extension services.

"It’s creating avenues for people to do a service that has implications for public protection, and having infection control, having the board involved in the regulatory components, is extremely important. I think that we are doing the public, the licensees and everyone good by attempting to create these specialty licenses.”
Gina Stauss Fast, Executive Director of the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners

The State of Minnesota requires Eyelash Technicians to be licensed. To be compliant, we are only allowed to work out of a licensed salon.

Lashes West is a licensed salon with Michelle Petersen, the owner and Salon Manager, as the only Eyelash Technician.

There can be health issues from having eyelash extensions applied by an unlicensed or untrained technician.

Unqualified techs might apply lashes to the eyelid instead of the lash, which can cause irritation or even serious injury. Or they may apply several heavy lash extensions to one natural lash, causing lashes to fall out prematurely from the weight. Some may glue strips of false lashes to clients' eyelids with permanent adhesive. All of these are dangerous, improper techniques.

Read the Web MD health warning here

If an eyelash extension-only facility does not meet salon license requirements it would “be a serious threat to the health and safety of Minnesotans who receive this high-risk and complex service. If facilities are not licensed, the board would be unable to regularly inspect these facilities for infection control standards and proper practice. Further, the board believes clients should receive the same protections no matter where they receive their eyelash extension services.”
- Minnesota Board of Cosmetology

View Lashes West's history of inspections from the State of Minnesota below:

2021 inspection report 2019 inspection report  2018 inspection report